West, Billy. Billy West is a young man who returns to his Wyoming ranch after three years of schooling back East. Before he even gets off the stagecoach he is involved in a shootout that leaves two bandits dead, and further adventures follow which usually leave dead rustlers, owlhoots, shootists, and other bad guys strewn about. He is assisted in his blithely murderous ways by his horse Eagle, “the fastest horse in the world,” by aged Uncle Daniel and by young Snubby. Billy West appears in stories with titles like "Billy West vs Bullets & Nuggets," "The Disappearing Desperadoes,” and "The Deadly Due."

First Appearance: Billy West #1 (Standard), Apr 1949. 34 appearances, 1949-1951. Created by John Celardo and ? Note: this character is loosely based on Cleve Endicott’s pulp cowboy of the same name.














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