Barnes, Bill. Bill Barnes is a top pilot who works from an airfield on Long Island in New York, fighting against crime and evil. Barnes is a pleasant chap who has a group of swell chums to assist him. There is the teenaged Sandy Sanders, who is an exceptional pilot; Shorty Hassfurther, the short, “stalky” World War One ace; Bev Bates, the Bostonian; and “Scotty” MacCloskey and Tony Lampert, Barnes’ mechanics. After Pearl Harbor is bombed Barnes goes to work for G-2 fighting against the Germans. He appears in stories with titles like “The Ghost Ship” and “The Vanishing Fleet.”

First Appearance: Shadow Comics #1 (Street & Smith), 1940. 24 appearances, 1940-1944. Created by ? Note: this is the comic book version of Henry W. Ralston and F. Orlin Tremaine’s pulp character.









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