Powers, Biff. Biff Powers is a pipe-smoking big game hunter and wild animal trapper. Based in America and nominally working for the Carson Circus, he receives visitors at his club and takes paying assignments around the world. If he has to go to the African jungles to capture a sabertooth tiger, so be it. If that means traveling to Malaysia to capture a horse-sized monitor lizard-like reptile, Powers will do it. And if it means going to Angola to capture a “wolf-man,” only to discover a Jungle Hero called “Boma,” Powers will do it. Powers finds Axis agents and crooked men and women all over the world, in addition to the animals and creatures. Powers is helped by his girlfriend Marcia, who reluctantly accompanies him on his trips, and by his African-American stereotype helper Weki. Powers appears in stories with titles like "The Web of the Monster," "The Giant Bear of Tibet," and "Army Intelligence summons Biff!"

First Appearance: Startling Comics #2 (Standard), Aug 1940. 15 appearances, 1940 1942. Created by Jack Lehti and ?








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