Brummel, Beau. “‘Clothes make the man’ the first rule of the world of fashion...where Beau Brummel can strut with the best of them...that is...when he isn’t too busy running down the desperadoes of the underworld.” A modern version of the historical Beau Brummel (1778-1840), the modern Beau Brummel is a wealthy gentleman crime fighter, using gadgets (citric juice sprayer from his lapel flower, mechanical extendable fist in his vest pocket) to stop criminals. The criminals he catches (or kills) are entirely ordinary. Brummel is assisted by Horace, a burly gentleman’s gentleman who idolizes Brummel. Brummel appears in stories with titles like "The World's Greatest Store," "The Case of the Kidnapped Cuties," and "Off to the Races."  

First Appearance: Snappy Comics #1 (Cima), 1945. 4 appearances, 1945-1946. Created by ?










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