Regan, Bart. In his first appearance, in The Comics Magazine, Bart Regan is a two-fisted, very tough federal agent who cracks a counterfeiting case. In his remaining fifty-six appearances in DC’s Detective Comics Regan is a spy on special detachment to the government–unofficially, “if you get in a tight spot we will not be able to recognize and assist you”–who fights characters like The Fencer, the Hunchback, the assassin Mr. Death, the femme fatale mercenary Rina Rinaldo, and the Mad Scientist Dr. Carter. Bart Regan appears in stories with titles like “The Dictator of America,” “Peril on Pier 76,” and “The Electrical Assassin.”

First Appearance: The Comics Magazine v1n2 (Comics Magazine Company), June 1936. 57 appearances, 1936-1944. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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