O'Neill, Barry. Barry O'Neill is a wealthy, independent playboy adventurer who attracts the anger of the Yellow Peril Fang Gow, the "inscrutable and vengeful enemy of the Human Race," who is a ruler in China and has cult members all around the world. At length O’Neill and his assistant Le Grand defeat the forces of Fang Gow, and then defeat other international criminals, becoming the "ace spy-smashing team of the French Intelligence Office." O’Neill has no superpowers but is rich and good in a fight. He appears in stories with titles like “Fang Gow Has Risen From the Grave,” “The Mind-Slave of Fang Gow,” and “Legion of the Masked.”

First Appearance: New Fun #1 (DC), Feb 1935. 58 appearances, 1935-1941. Created by Lawrence Lariar.










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