Mullen, Barney. Barney Mullen, the "Sea Rover," is a middle-aged ship owner. In his one appearance he takes on a job to get to a load of gold filigree from Lisobon to Rotterdam. This is dangerous, of course, as Rotterdam is in the war zone. Unfortunately, they are spied on in Lisbon and so are threatened by an "armored cruiser" on the open waves. Mullen runs for it and uses a fog bank to escape the cruiser, only to be attacked by a bomber (the cruiser's anti-aircraft guns fight it off) and a submarine (which torpedoes the ship once but does not do it in) and a group of mutineers (a fight drives them off, with Mullen leading the way, fists a-flying). Just beyond the Straights of Dover the ship's steam engine blows up, and the crew takes to the life boats. Mullen, being clever, had stored the gold filigree in the boats, and so his cargo gets delivered on time and everyone's happy, including Mullen, who was paid enough for the trip to replace his old ship.

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #1 (Marvel), Jan 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Charles Pearson and ?









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