Barker. “Meet Carnie Calahan, the Barker! The brand new comic hero with the brand new personality! He’s fast-talking, quick-thinking, hard-hitting! As full of tricks as a barrel of full of laughs as a tent-full of clowns!! Watch Carnie and his pals, the freaks and wonders of the sawdust circle, romp and scrap their way through one hair-raising adventure after another!!!” Calahan, a barker for Colonel Lane’s Circus, is assisted in his adventures by the cigar-smoking midget Major Midge, Lena the fat lady, and Tiny Tim the strong man. The Barker encounters criminals like Spudo the Spider Man, strongman Mighty Moose, and the Missing Link. He appears in stories with titles like “Murder is No Joke!” “The Missing Link,” and “A Corpse for a Cannonball.”

First Appearance: National Comics #42 (Quality), May 1944. 76 appearances, 1944-1949. Created by Joe Millard and Jack Cole.

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