Balbo the Boy Magician. Balbo is a child magician, the son of a stage magician, who uses stage legerdemain to fight crime after his father is murdered. He supports his kid brother Buddy as a working stage magician meanwhile. In his first appearance meets El Carim and makes a comment about a bad guy “flying like Captain Marvel, landing like Sivana.” Many of his cases are magic-related. Assisted by a non-stereotypical African-American, Balbo fights Kali worshipers, voodoo houngans, the Mad Scientist Dr. Dee and his death ray, and a con man who calls himself Cagliostro and on “Cthlhu” for help. Balbo appears in stories with titles like “The Goat Without Horns,” “A Date With Madden, the Mad Magician,” and “The Vanishing Goddess.”

First Appearance: Master Comics #32 (Fawcett), Nov 1942. 21 appearances, 1942-1944. Created by ?










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