Arrow. Ralph Payne, an intelligence agent for the U.S. government, realizes that he can't fight espionage and crime on his own, and decides to put on a costume and use his archery skills to do what he can't do in his civilian identity: both solving crimes and killing criminals. As one admiring cop says, "No man as yet has crossed his path and lived to tell of it." The Archer’s m.o. is to deliver notes via arrow, either threats to criminals or messages to the police, and then follow through in private. The police trust him and do as he says, even if it means releasing an obviously guilty gangster. The Archer has no powers but is a good fighter and an excellent archer. He appears in stories with titles like “Dragon’s Face Bank Robbers” and “A Daring Escape.”

First Appearance: Funny Pages v2 #10 (Centaur), Sept 1938. 29 appearances, 1938-1941. Created by Paul Gustavson and ?









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