Hell’s Angels. “Meet the former star trio of Hell’s Angels–famous 3rd Pursuit Squadron of the Flying Tigers: - Gil Little, a rollicking red-head from Yankee land; Clem West, a tough ex-cowboy from Texas, and Handsome Lank Strong, a dashing cavalier of the skies! These famous flying pals are now killing even more Japs than when they were members of the Flying Tigers!” During the war they are active in the Pacific theatre, but after the war their adventures begin to verge on the fantastic, as with their recurring enemy, the spy and “treacherous angel” Fritz Neron and his “mysterious world-wide top spy boss...the XZ,” whose headquarters is a “ghoulish hideout” castle in Death Valley. The Hell’s Angels appear in stories with titles like “Nip Treachery,” “The Treacherous Angel,” and “The Invisible Neron.”

First Appearance: Sparkling Stars #1 (Holyoke), June 1944. 30 appearances, 1944-1947. Created by Carmine Infantino, Milt Cohen, and ?


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