Angel. Thomas Halloway is a suave private eye. He is the son of a prison warden who raised him in isolation, in the prison itself, having him instructed by various experts, who taught him “everything,” and by the prisoners, who pass on the secrets of the underworld. As an adult he uses his knowledge to fight crime. After helping a 4000 year old woman escape from an underground city he is given the “cape of Mercury,” which enables him to fly. He fights everything from gangsters to Brains in a Jar to crazed pygmies, including Armless Tiger Man, Count Lust, the Epicure of Crime, the Gargoyle, the Wolfman, and Dr. Hyde, who steals the eyes from victims and ransoms them back for $100,000. The Angel appears in stories with titles like “The Voodoo Sacrifice,” “The Ghouls of the Blue Ridge Mountains,” and “Blitzkrieg of the Living Dead.”

First Appearance: Marvel Comics #1 (Marvel), Oct 1939. 100+ appearances, 1939-1946. Created by Ray Gill and Paul Gustavson.









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