Ajax, the Sun Man. “Doomed to die in the fiery pits of the sun, Jim Wilson is saved by a strange twist of fate, and instead of perishing, he comes back to earth in the form of Ajax, the fastest and strongest man alive.” Jim Wilson is the assistant of Dr. Elbe, and the pair are preparing to be the first men to step foot on Venus, but their rocket is sabotaged by a rival and crashes into the sun. Rather than dying, however, “when the zero acid from the fuel gushed over him, it caused the tissues of his body to change. Instead of destroying the Earthman, the blistering flames give him all the mighty powers of the sun.” After returning to Earth to settle the score with the man who sabotaged his rocket, Wilson stays on Earth as a policeman to fight crime by day. His "sun-powers" include the ability to generate great heat, flight, and super-strength, but he is powerless at night. He fights ordinary criminals and would-be world conquerors like the Hitlerian Hatar. Ajax appears in stories with titles like “The Monster Master” and “The Sun Man Sets the ‘Rising’ Sun.”

First Appearance: Doc Savage #2 (Street & Smith), 1940. 16 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by ?








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