Air Wave. Larry Jordan, a District Attorney, gets frustrated with the slowness of due process and decides to fight crime "on two fronts," as a D.A. and as a costumed hero. He develops electrical gear, makes a costume, and begins fighting crime. His partner is Static, an unusually intelligent talking parrot designed to annoy the reader. Jordan has no super-powers, but his costume has radio communicators in it and the skates in his boots allow him to glide along high wires. Most of his enemies are ordinary criminals and Nazis, but he also fights sound-related super-villains like the Talker, the Parrot, and Dr. Silence. He appears in stories with titles like “The Machine Man,” “The Living Statues,” and “The City of Glass.”

First Appearance: Detective Comics #60 (DC), Feb 1942. 78 appearances, 1942-1948. Created by Mort Weisinger, Harris Levy, and Charles Paris.










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