Air-Sub 'DX'. Air-Sub 'DX" is a flying submarine of extremely advanced design. It can achieve unheard-of speeds underwater and in the air and is also armed with a "dissolving gun." It is so powerful fact, that "Curley," the ruler of an undersea country in the future world of Air-Sub 'DX', wants to own the air-sub, so that he can become "headman" of the entire universe. Luckily for everyone involved Professor Gray, the inventor of Air-Sub 'DX', pilots the ship, along with his young assistant Tim and his daughter Rita; together the trio repeatedly defeat Curley and save the universe. Air-Sub ‘DX’ appears in stories with titles like “The Professor’s Enemy” and “The Conqueror!”

First Appearance: Amazing Adventure Funnies v2n3 (Centaur), Mar 1939. 10 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Carl Burgos. 

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