Airmale. Kenneth Stevens, a biology professor, is trying to perfect a "flight fluid," but is in a hurry to a costume party and accidentally spills some of the fluid on his hand. This makes him lighter than air, and he uses his new power and the costume he was wearing at the time of the accident to fight crime as Airmale. He is assisted by Stampy. Stevens is always lighter than air, but he wears a "gravity belt" which regulates the flow of gravity around him, so that he can fly or walk on the ground. Airmale fights ordinary criminals, gentlemen thieves who want to steal from the “decadent poor” and give to the “righteous rich,” criminal circuses, and The Canines of Crime. Airmale appears in stories with titles like "The Mystery of Myrtle the Turtle," "Boss Twill's Football Caper," and "Claude Dribble's Robbery Botchups."

First Appearance: Prize Comics v3n10/34 (Prize), Sept 1943. 11 appearances,
1943-1946. Created by Fred Morgan.









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