711. Daniel Dyce is a District Attorney with a good heart but faulty judgment, and when his friend Jacob Horn, who is Daniel's exact double, wants to see his wife give birth, Daniel agrees and switches places with him. The problem is that Jacob is on trial, and ends up convicted to life behind bars in Westmoor Prison. Daniel goes to the Big House, wearing number 711. Worse, Jacob gets hit by a car and dies on his way to see his wife, leaving Daniel in the clink for good. Daniel tunnels his way outside but finds that everyone has forgotten about him. Rather than reassume his identity, however, he decides to remain an inmate, but fight crime on the outside as 711, leaving calling cards behind so that his victims will know their fate. He is eventually killed in action, his role being assumed by Destiny.

First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1941. 16 appearances, 1941-1943. Created by George E. Brenner.








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