2023: Super-Police. Rex, Joan, the Professor and Axel are members of the Super-Police of the year 2023. Their brief is the whole Earth, although they seem to represent the U.S. They fly around the world in the Hi-Lo, a super-plane, which receives SOSs on "photolight" and which travels around the Earth by creating a "tubular wall of cosmic rays" and which allows the Hi-Lo to zoom through a vacuum either in the stratosphere or under the seas or even into space. The Hi-Lo is also armed with "cosmic ray guns" and other high-tech weapons and detection instruments. They take on wizard-pirates such as Captain Kiddlaw, as well as such types.

First Appearance: New Fun #1 (DC), Feb 1935. 13 appearances, 1935-1936. Created by Ken Fitch and Clem Gretter.

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