The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: The Digambara Monk

digambaraDigambara Monk. The Digambara Monk was created by Vatuvur Ke Turaicami Aiyankar (The Stranger) and appeared in Kampak0nam Vakkil Allatu Tikampara Camiyar (circa 1940). The Digambara Monk is a sanyasi (holy hermit) who has sworn a great and mighty oath to fight crime. To do so he uses many different disguises and tracks the criminals across India’s geography and society without regard to caste or social class. He is not skilled in the ways of detection, but is brave, intelligent, and has the assurance which devout faith brings.

If you speak Tamil, or are just interested in getting a glimpse of what a 1950 filmed version of the Digambara Monk’s story would be like, you can see the whole film on Youtube.

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