The best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: the Ases.

Ases. The Ases were created by Edmund Kiss and appeared in the German novels Das Glaeserne Meer (1930), Fruehling in Atlantis (1933), Die Letzte Koenigin von Atlantis (1935), and Die Singschwaene aus Thule (1939). Kiss’ tetralogy is one of the foremost examples of pro-fascist science fiction written under Nazi rule. The Ases are Aryans, who as Stone Age-level beings maintain a stable world order through taking slaves and kidnaping women. But the “tertiary moon” collides with the earth and destroys the Ases’ civilization, forcing the Ases to rebuild their kingdom, whose new capital is Atlantis. The Ases enslave the “slant-eyed brown-skins,” who revere the Ases as “white gods.” But eventually a new moon (the current one) appears, destroying Atlantis and forcing the Ases to begin again.

In case you were curious what science fiction novels under the Nazis were like, Kiss’ books (never translated into English) are a great example of it. Propagandistic, pro-fascist, imaginative (in the pulp fashion)–Kiss’ tetralogy has it all. (Later on I’ll be giving examples of fascist pulps under the Nazis, which were like Kiss’ novels, only much more so).

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