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Zobi. Zobi appeared in the Mexican comic strip “África” (Pepin, Feb. 21-Mar. 16, 1941).

Zobi is a Jungle Hero. Zobi is a white man raised in the jungles of Africa by a friendly tribe of chimpanzees. He grows up to be a Tarzan-esque figure, fighting wild animals, from lions to rhinos to King Kong (I)-esque giant gorillas, and tribes of cannibals. Zobi fights on behalf of various good tribes, including the Panther Tribe and the Waziri, and when Zobi meets Lulona, the blind white goddess of the Waziri, he and she fall in love. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous group of English hunters try to capture Nita, the sacred panther of the Panther Tribe, to bring her back to the London Zoo, forcing Zobi to fight the hunters.

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