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Zhao Lin. Zhao Lin was created by “Huanzhulouzhu,” the pseudonym of the Chinese author Li Shoumin (Chang Mei), and appeared in Liu Hu Xia Yin (1939-1945).

Many decades ago, during the time of the Mongol conquest, a number of refugees took shelter in the mountains of Yunnan province. They found a hidden valley, and made it into a near-utopia. However, the men of the hidden valley are forced to periodically venture into the outside world to buy certain basic supplies. Inevitably, during these trips, they witness the cruelties perpetrated on the poor and innocent by the powerful and the corrupt, The men of the valley, seeing these crimes, take action to protect the innocent, using “the ancient secret fighting arts transmitted for centuries.” One such mission is led by Zhao Lin, a direct descendent of one of the founders of the community. He is a strong fighter, and chivalrous, but he becomes entangled in a war between good Nüxia/Wüxia and Daoist adepts and Immortals possessed of supernatural powers, and their evil opposites.

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