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Zeng Fuchou. Zeng Fuchou was created by the Chinese author Xiang Kairen (Gui Wu (I), Huo Yuanjia, Kunlun Monks) and appeared in the serial “Yu Jue Jin Huan Lu” (Xinwen Bao, 1925-1926).

Zeng Fuchou is orphaned at a young age when his father is falsely accused by the local magistrate of being a bandit. Zeng’s father is executed and his mother commits suicide, leaving Zeng with nothing but a jade bangle and gold ring to remember them by. Zeng is adopted by a loyal family servant and then by a troupe of wandering martial artists, who teach Zeng swordsmanship and the martial arts. Zeng is adopted by a prefect and changes his name. Eventually he returns to his home village and by claiming to be a martial arts performer gains access to a party held to celebrate the magistrate who ordered Zeng’s father’s death. Zeng kills the magistrate.

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