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Zeiros, Satampra. Satampra Zeiros was created by Clark Ashton Smith (City of the Singing Flame, Maal Dweb, Malygris, Zothique) and appeared in “The Tale of Satampra Zeiros” (Weird Tales, Nov. 1931) and “The Powder of Hyperborea” (Saturn Science Fiction and Fantasy, Mar. 1958).

Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum is a master thief in the land of Hyperborea. He has numerous successes, from the theft of the jewels of Queen Cunambria to the breaking of the adamantine box of Acromi. But he has some failures, as well. An attempt to loot the ruined and accursèd city of Commoriom leads to the loss of Zeiros’ left hand and the loss of his boon companion Tirouv Ompallios to an eldritch creature which might be the god Tsathoggua. An attempt to steal the thirty-nine golden girdles of the temple virgins of the moon god Leniqua, ends in Zeiros and his lovely companion thief Vixeela being swindled.

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