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Zapt, Dr. Xenophon Xerxes. Dr. Xenophon Xerxes Zapt was created by J.U. Giesy (Jason Croft, Semi-Dual, Meade Stilman, Van Wyck) and appeared in four stories in All-Story Magazine and Weird Tales from 1915 to 1925, beginning with “Indigestible Dog Biscuits” (All-Story Magazine, July 3, 1915).

Dr. Xenophon Xerxes Zapt is an Unlucky Inventor whose creations never go quite right. His "ammunition exploder," designed to stop the war in Europe, sets off the wrong explosives; his antigravity paste gets blown out the window and levitates the wrong people; his invisibility liquid ends up being hosed on Zapt's house and everyone in it; and when he feeds his supergrowth food is to a flea, it grows to giant size.

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