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Zandtt, Culpeper. Culpeper Zandtt was created by Clarence H. New (Sir Edward Coffin, Cyrus M. Grisscome, Sir George Llangolen Trevor) and appeared in six stories in The Blue Book Magazine in 1908, beginning with “The Organization and the Sprague Case” (The Blue Book Magazine, May 1908).

Culpeper Zandtt is a “writer, cosmopolitan, and war-correspondent” who is recruited by the “International Bureau of Biography” to help solve mysterious and unsolved crimes. It turns out that the Bureau is financed and run by an old friend of Zandtt’s, who for many years has filed and cataloged newspaper clippings from every major newspaper in the United States, on the grounds that “every person who has ever done anything out of the ordinary—good or bad—is sure to have been the subject of a newspaper-paragraph at some time in his life.” This mass of clippings, stored in an underground complex, allows the Bureau, and Zandtt, access to a huge range of data, which allows them to solve difficult crimes.

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