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Z-X-5. Z-X-5 appeared in the Mexican comic strip “Z-X-5, Espías en Acción” (Pepín, Mar 3, 1937-Oct. 25, 1939).

Z-X-5 is a spy for the European country of Chesterland, a democracy which is threatened by the neighboring military dictatorship of Transovania. Z-X-5 is the top agent of Chesterland’s Intelligence Department, which is located in London and which takes its orders from Scotland Yars. Z-X-5 defeats many enemies, including the Soviet spy Vladivov and the Femme Fatale Princess Alleja of Transovania, who is also known as the top spy “Madame X.” Alleja is a cruel woman, but she becomes Z-X-5's Loving Enemy. Z-X-5 is a top pilot and solves many of his problems in air-to-air combat. He is also intrepid and sardonic.

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