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Yuen, Mock Don. Mock Don Yuen was created by Lemuel De Bra (Bob Reynolds) and appeared in three stories in The Popular Magazine in 1920 and 1921, beginning with “Mock Don Yuen Meditates” (The Popular Magazine, July 7, 1920); the stories were collected in Ways That Are Wary (1924).

Mock Don Yuen is a tall, stately, middle-aged Chinese scholar and tutor in San Francisco. He is consulted by family members and friends for the solution of various problems. Yuen uses his own wits and Confucian wisdom to solve these problems, although sometimes the only solution involves swindling someone out of a wife and a slave in order to prevent them from being caught by the police for dealing opium. Yuen scorns most modern, white culture and modern Chinese, who he believes want to be white and American and have forgotten traditional ways and are “vulgar.” When Yuen faced with losing his beloved Chan Fah to another, Yuen buys a marriage certificate from pawn shop and uses that to gull the would-be suitor. Eventually Yuen outwits a Tong assassin and goes to China.

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