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Young Wide Awake. Young Wide Awake was created by “Robert Lennox,” a Frank Tousey pseudonym, and appeared in ninety-six stories in Wide Awake Library in 1907 and 1908, beginning with “Young Wide Awake; or, The Fire Boys of Belmont” (Wide Awake Library #41, Jan. 25, 1907).

“Young Wide Awake” is the nickname of Dick Halstead, a 17-year-old firefighter and leader of the boys’ firefighting company in the town of Belmont. Halstead gets the nickname “Young Wide Awake” because of his alertness in fighting fires, and as the stories progress Halstead repeatedly lives up to his nickname, whether fighting fires, stopping criminals, or beating the rival firefighting group Neptune Two. At the end of the stories Halstead enters college, marries, and becomes a civil engineer.

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