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Yorga. Yorga was created by the Italian creator Gianluigi Bonelli (Furio Almirante, Giorgio Landi, John Mauri, Claudio Reni, Sandro, Marco Villa, Tex Willer) and Antonio Canale and appeared in the comic strip “Yorga” (Il Cow Boy, 1945); the strip was reprinted in Spain in 1946 as Yorga, el fakir Indio.

Yorga is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger. As a small child Yorga is orphaned when his parents, precious stone traders, are killed by rivals. Yorga is adopted by an Indian yogi, who teaches him the secrets of “oriental asceticism.” When Yorga reaches manhood and gains full possession of his paranormal powers, he begins fighting crime and evil as a vigilante. He has telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, and weather control, and can turn into a reptilian humanoid at night.

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