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Yika Trio. The Yika Trio were created by Kelman Frost and appeared in five stories in Danger Trail from 1927 to 1928, beginning with “The Stolen Adventure” (Danger Trail, Aug. 1927).

In Dar-es-Salaam, in Tanganyika, an athletic, twenty-seven-year-old American, Carson, applies to join the British East African Police Force–Carson yearns for adventure, and where better to get it than with the B.E.A.P.? But Carson’s application is rejected on the grounds that he is not a citizen of the Empire. Fortunately for Carson, his nose for trouble, and his willingness to stick his nose into trouble that’s not his, leads him to help the great Sergeant Jan Anderson and his attendant Komm fight an evil Boer plot, and after it’s over Carson joins Anderson and Komm as the “‘Yika Trio” (“‘Yika” being short for “Tanganyika”). Sergeant Jan Anderson is an Africa Hand known to the natives as “Kubo-Loko,” or “He-Who-Sees-All;” Anderson is the “cleverest and most fearless detective in the E.A.P.” Komm, Anderson’s “black” attendant and a Trooper in the E.A.P., is a Baggara Dervish, and is treated by Anderson with a sort of patronizing respect.

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