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Yankee Flier. The Yankee Flier was created by Thomson Burtis (Brad Allen, Rolph Burnham, Rex Donovan, Slim Evans, Russ Farrell, Stormy Lake, Rex Lee, Dumpy Scarth) and appeared in the sixteen-book “Air Combat Stories for Boys” series, beginning with Daredevils of the Air (1932) and concluding with A Yankee Flier Under Secret Orders (1946).

The first seven volumes of “Air Combat Stories for Boys” deal with Stan Williams, the titular flier, and his adventures flying fighters against the German air force during World War Two. Before the war Williams had been an All-American halfback at the University of Colorado and an expert test pilot, but once the hostilities started he immediately volunteered for action. The last nine volumes deal with Stan Wilson, an American pilot, who joined the Red Flight of the R.A.F. and fought, along with his best friends March Allison and Bill O'Malley, against the Axis forces over Occupied France, in Singapore (with the Flying Tigers), Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Normandy, and after the war against a German spy ring.

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