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Yank and ‘Ector. Yank and ‘Ector were created by Francis Van Wyck Mason (Hugh North, Scott Stuart) and appeared in three stories in Danger Trail and Adventure Trails in 1928 and 1929, beginning with “The Fetish of Sergeant M’Gourra” (Danger Trail, May 1928).

Yank and ‘Ector are a pair of Legionnaires. Private ‘Ector Meadows, from the slums of Whitechapel, is stubby with a reddish mustache, and says things like, “Hi drinks, an’ drinks, an’ drinks…but it don’t bring no conviction, Yank…Hi might as well drink pap.” His partner and best friend, Yank, says “Yeh, de hog wash dey calls ‘beer’ in dis one-horse dump ain’t like the honest-to-God suds we used ta git down to Grogan’s place by the gas woiks.” Yank is a tall Chicagoan with a “wide red scar which traversed his left cheek from below the eye to his chin. It gave his countenance a savage aspect that accorded well with his lithe limbs and solid body. Beside him ‘ector, who was not under average height, seemed almost puny…a round, sharp-featured face with small gay eyes set close to a thin nose which titled up impudently at the end.”

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