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X Bar X Boys. The X Bar X Boys were created by “James Cody Ferris,” the pseudonym of Edward Stratemeyer (Baseball Joe, Hardy Boys, Amos Henderson, Minute Boys, Motor Boys, Dave Porter, Rover Boys, Russell Brothers, Ted Scott, Speedwell Boys) and Roger Garis (Outboard Boys), and appeared in the twenty-one book “X Bar X Boys” series, beginning with The X Bar X Boys on the Ranch (1926) and concluding with The X Bar X Boys Following the Stampede (1942).

The X Bar X Boys are Roy and Teddy Manley, the sons of an "old ranchman, the owner of many thousands heads of cattle." The Manleys are skillful riders and shootists and are quite capable of taking care of themselves. Their adventures bring them across the western frontier of American and confront them with a variety of natural dangers and evil men.

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