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X.323. X.323 was created by “Paul D’Ivoi,” the pseudonym of the French author Paul Deleutre (Chevalier Illusion, Cigale, Miss Mousqueterr) and appeared in L’Homme Sans Visage (1908), Le Canon du Sommeil (1908), and Les Dix Yeux d’Or (1910-1911).

X.323 is the son of a noble French family fallen on hard times and scandal. To rehabilitate the family name, X.323 and his twin sisters enlist in the French Intelligence agency and fights the wicked efforts of malign German spies. X.323 defeats the terrifying Count Strezzi, who pilots a dirigible armed with a cannon which fires shells containing poison gas, and much later X.323 fights Strezzi’s two sons in Egypt. X.323 is brave, daring, and sensitive, and is assisted by his sisters and by his Watson, the English journalist Max Trelam.

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