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Wycherley, Dr. Xavier. Dr. Xavier Wycherley was created by Max Rittenberg (Magnum) and appeared in eighteen stories in The London Magazine and Blue Book in 1911 and 1912, beginning with “The Man Who Lived Again” (The London Magazine, Feb. 1911); the stories were collected in The Mind-Reader (1913).

Dr. Xavier Wycherley is a Superhuman Occult Detective. He is a professional psychologist who is on occasion called in to solve inheritance cases and the like. Wycherley has an additional advantage: he is a psychic sensitive. Wycherley’s powers include mental healing and the ability to perceive the emotions that make up each person's "mental aura." Wycherley can increase his perception of this aura by putting himself into a light hypnotic sleep, to draw on his subconscious' impressions and conclusions, or by injecting himself with “pyridye-novocaine.” Wycherley's own aura is a fiery one and he is full of personal magnetism--on meeting him one is compelled to confess things to him. His ability to read auras and his psychoanalytical skills make him a formidable investigator. When baffled he compulsively rolls cigarettes with his left hand, and when that doesn't work he brings out scientific equipment and uses that. Wycherley operates in England, among the upper class and aristocracy.

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