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Wyble, Cash. Cash Wyble was created by Albert Payson Terhune (Hester Gregg) and appeared in three stories in Saturday Evening Post in 1919, beginning with “Cash Wyble” (Saturday Evening Post, Jan. 25, 1919).

Cassius “Cash” Wyble is a long, lanky West Virginian serving in the U.S. Army in France during World War One. He is a provincial mountaineer who thinks that anyone not from West Virginia is a “foreigner,” and that any non-American “communicated with one another by means of a funny jumble of sounds that could not possibly contain real words.” He’s not particularly bright, but he is cunning, and more usefully, he’s a vicious fighter. As he learned in West Virginia from his family, “every offensive portion of the body from teeth to toenails might lawfully be brought into action. And the mere fact that one man was down served as incentive rather than a deterrent to his foe.” Too, he holds a good rifle “sacred–a thing to be guarded and treasured past all else.” With those traits he is handy in battle. He has a “glum leathern face” and never shows pleasure. He has various adventures in war and peace with his fellow soldiers.

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