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Wyatt. Wyatt was created by Captain Frederick Moore (Shannon) and appeared in nine stories in Short Stories from 1938 through 1941, beginning with “Wyatt’s Chinese Puzzle” (Short Stories, Sept. 25, 1938).

Wyatt is a South Seas Adventurer. Wyatt is the owner of the “bamboo hotel” on Singing Sands Island, an island in the South Pacific with a few white men and five thousand dangerous headhunters. Wyatt is from Cape Cod and is wary of white visitors to Singing Sands Island, as “visitors to remote islands in the South Seas were likely to be dangerous.” Wyatt is tall, muscular, lantern-jawed, and tempestuous, so even the dangerous visitors end up paying for their lapses in judgement. So, too, do some of those headhunters, when they interfere with Wyatt.

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