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Wu Fang (I). Wu Fang (I) was created by Julien Josephson and Denison Clift and appeared in the film The Midnight Patrol (1918).

Wu Fang (I) is a Yellow Peril. He is the ruler of the underworld in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Wu is assisted in this by Jim Murdock, a crooked policeman. But when Wu has another policeman killed, Wu become the target of a police raid. Wu kidnaps Patsy O’Connell, a mission worker in Chinatown, and threatens to kill her if the police interfere in Wu’s drug-smuggling operations. Terence Shannon, the leader of the police operation against Wu, is in love with O’Connell but decides to go ahead with the raid. Shannon is captured by Wu and is about to be killed, along with O’Connell, when more police arrive. Wu is killed, Murdock is arrested, and Shannon is promoted to police chief and marries O’Connell.

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