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Worrals. Worrals was created by W.E. Johns (Biggles, Gimlet, Steeley, Dr. Vane) and appeared in a number of stories in Girl’s Own Paper and eleven novels from 1940 to 1950, beginning with “Worrals of the W.A.A.F.S.” (Girl’s Own Paper, story, July, 1940).

Joan "Worrals" Worralson begins as a spitfire, a spunky eighteen-year-old who joins the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force to help England during World War Two. She is smart, independent, patriotic, beautiful, and fearless, and quickly becomes the best female fighter pilot Great Britain has, shooting down loads of Germans, going on special assignments (for Major Raymond, who also directs Biggles and Steeley) and successfully carrying them out. Worrals is helped by her friend and fellow pilot Betty "Frecks" Lovell. Fellow pilot Bill Ashton is in love with Worrals, but she likes him only as a friend. After the war Worrals becomes a private detective.

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