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Wong, Mister. Mister Wong was created by Lee Fredericks (Pierre Barodin, Unofficial Jones) and appeared in thirty-three stories in a variety of pulps from 1935 to 1977, beginning with “Third Heaven” (G-Men, Dec. 1935).

Richard Wong is a Chinese-American Secret Service agent, although the text refers to him as a "suave Chinese detective." Wong is American born and raised, patriotic and liberty-loving, and has dedicated his life to the service of the country. After college he joined the Secret Service and rose to one of the "top slots." From this position he takes orders from Chief Durbano and travels around the country fighting crime, Fascists, and Communists. He is an excellent swimmer, quite skilled at jujitsu and savate, and is a lithe, handsome man with a taste for "perfumed oriental cigarettes."

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