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Woar, Hazlitt. Hazlitt Woar was created by George Worthing Yates and appeared in The Body That Came By Post (1937), The Body That Wasn’t Uncle (1939), and If a Body (1941).

Hazlitt Woar is a former Scotland Yard Inspector who was put out to Malaga, Spain following some unspeakable disgrace. He is cynical, suspicious, and dark, with a slender face, “dark remarkable eyes,” and a “carven gargoyle head, lean and seamed.” He speaks in a clipped manner. He is now middle-aged, and lives along with his ancient brindle bulldog. His disgrace has led him to “guzzle away his declining years,” as his fall is a “private, inward spiritual hell which was the cause and the result of his downfall.” Woar “carried himself with a kind of wry grace, as if he admitted the stigma of a sidling slouch without finding it in his upright spine to conform. Not handsome, certainly; not ugly, either; and yet not commonplace, he looked like some cynical light-weight boxer who had been touched either by malaria, or by the finger of God, and so given a mark on his soul.” He reluctantly solves mysteries as he finds them.

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