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Wise, Jonathan. Jonathan Wise was created by Joe Archibald (Dizzy Duo, Elmer and Pokey, Alvin Hinkey, Ambrose Hooley, Kid Tarzan, Willie Klump, Windy Knight, Phineas Pinkham, Hattie Pringle, Walrus & Wishbone) and appeared in a number of stories in Exciting Detective, beginning with “Scarecrows Don’t Bleed” (Exciting Detective, Fall 1942).

Jonathan Wise is a cranky, aging (well past sixty) author and criminologist. He’s got arthritis, a case of the nerves, and his last book on criminology took a lot out of him, so that now he is “tall and gaunt and had the sombre face of a Church deacon.” He’s retired to Maine and wants to be left alone. But crime, and crime-solving, finds him even there.

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