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Wing Loo. Wing Loo was created by David H. Keller (Harry Brunton, Cecil of Cornwall, Taine) and appeared in “The Cerebral Library” (Amazing Stories, May 1931) and “The Steam Shovel” (Amazing Stories, Sept. 1931).

Wing Loo is a Yellow Peril Evil Surgeon and an enemy of Taine. Newspaper ads lure college graduates to eastern Pennsylvania; the ads offer $10,000 if the students will read three hundred books a year for five years. But the head of the U.S. Secret Service grows suspicious and asks for Taine’s help. To infiltrate the mansion in which the students are staying, Taine pretends to be Wing Loo, the famous Chinese surgeon, and pretends to make the students into Brains in a Jar, all so that another scientist, Jefferson, can have ready access to all the information that the students have acquired through their reading. However, since Jefferson has apparently not broken any laws, he is not arrested. Wing Loo was kept in sedation for a year. In the sequel Wing Loo, in Burma, decides that the best way to help a local rajah who is having labor difficulties is to transplant an elephant’s brain into a steam shovel. The steam shovel kills the rajah and flees into the forest.

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