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Wimsey, Peter. Peter Wimsey was created by Dorothy L. Sayers (Montague Egg) and appeared in twelve stories and fourteen novels and short story collections from 1923 to 1937, beginning with “The Egomaniac” (People’s Magazine, Feb. 1 1923).

Peter Wimsey is an English nobleman, the son of the 15th Duke of Denver. He is a veteran of World War One–he won the D.S.C.–an agent for the British Foreign Office, and an amateur criminologist. He is smart, capable, charming, and very successful. Sayers created Wimsey out of a rejected Arthur Augustus D’Arcy story.

* I'm including the Peter Wimsey stories and novels in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because they are well-written. Dorothy Sayers is one of the best loved of all the mystery writer of her time, and she continues to have and pick up devoted fans in the 2020s. Her Peter Wimsey stories and novels are seen as her best work and are highly esteemed by readers. Sayers was a skilled, literature author who cared more about her characters' personalities, mental health, and relationships than she did about the mysteries in her stories and novels, with the result that the Peter Wimsey fictions are seen as transcending the mystery genre and being some of the first literate detective fiction and some of the first feminist detective fiction. There is some antisemitism in the Wimsey fictions--an aftereffect of Sayers' own antisemitism. 

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