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Wilson, John. John Wilson appeared in the German dime novel John Wilson, Aus dem Geheimbuch des Berühmten Amerikanischen Detektivs #1-56 (1908-1910); the series was reprinted in Austria in 1909 and in Russia in 1910.

John Wilson is a Great Detective modeled on Nick Carter (I). Wilson is a world-famous American detective, and most of Wilson’s adventures take place within the United States rather than around the world. In his second issue he solves the murder of Nick Carter (I). Wilson fights Long Ben, a Mad Scientist inventor who uses his inventions for murder. Wilson fights Shelburne, a Femme Fatale gang leader, various lethal Lupins, a doppelgänger, and two air pirates who use balloons for their robberies. He fights the League of the Red Hangman, the Horror of Mount Diablo, a serial strangler, the Suicide Club, the Devil of Yellowstone Park, Bill Marx the Living Death, the Labyrinth of Terror, and Jimmy Gold the King of Counterfeiters. 

Wilson appears in stories with titles like “The Electrocution,” “The Man with the Tiger,” and “Grace Doswell, the Princess of Counterfeiting.”

* I'm including John Wilson, Aus dem Geheimbuch des Berühmten Amerikanischen Detektivs in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of the imaginative content within each issue. One of the first ideasplosion detective adventure heftromane, John Wilson took from the Nick Carter (I) pulps not just the core concept of the actionified Sherlock Holmes but also the notion that a good detective character must have a good Rogues Gallery of fantastic character ideas. So the Wilson stories gave readers Long Ben, Shelburne, the League of the Red Hangman, the Horror of Mount Diablo, Bill Marx the Living Death, and all the rest of them. Just the sounds of their names alone are a song that you'll want to sing along with. 

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