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Wilson, Jimmy. Jimmy Wilson was created by W. Wirt (Jimmie Cordie, John Norcross) and appeared in four stories in Ace G-Man Stories in 1937, beginning with “On the Executioner’s Blood List” (Ace G-Man Stories, Jan/Feb 1937).

Jimmy Wilson is a stalwart F.B.I. agent. He is

slim…immaculately dressed…his eyes were brown and not at all hard or arrogant. He did not look at all dangerous and yet, the wolf pack of the underworld feared and hated him more than they did any detective sergeant of the NY police. World had ben passed through racketeers and their satellites, “Look out for that G-man, Wilson. He’d just as soon cold-cock you as not and a little rather. He’s a wrong guy.”

“Wrong guy,” in the argot of crime, means a man who cannot be bribed or frightened. Ever since Wilson had been uncovered during a bank robbery trial he had remained in New York, calmly going about on F.B.I. business, no matter where it took him.”

Wilson takes on the master criminal, the Lord High Executioner. Wilson’s superior officer is John Norcross, and Wilson’s later partner is Johnny Hatfield.

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