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Wilson, Warwhoop. Warwhoop Wilson was created by W.C. Tuttle (Cultus Collins, Henry Conroy, Happy-Hay, Hashknife Hartley, Howdy Hepburn, Sad Sontag, Tombstone and Speedy) and appeared in four stories in Big-Book Western Magazine in 1935 and 1936, beginning with “Warwhoop Wilson, Deputy!” (Big-Book Western Magazine, Jul. 1935).

Warwhoop Wilson is the deputy sheriff of the frontier town of Bearpaw. He is small, plain-looking, and bow-legged, and isn’t particularly fast with a gun. He rides the intelligent Sandy and likes to play the jew’s harp, even though everybody in Bearpaw hates his music. Warwhoop is friends with Windy Lane, a freckled cowpuncher for the Rafter C Ranch.

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