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Willing, Dr. Basil. Dr. Basil Willing was created by Helen McCloy (Miguel Urizar) and appeared in ten stories and thirteen novels and short story collections from 1938 to 1980, beginning with Dance of Death.

Dr. Basil Willing is the child of a Russian mother and an American father. Willing became interested in psychiatry when he saw shell-shocked soldiers during his service at the front during World War One. He went on to graduate from Johns Hopkins and then study in London and Paris before going to Gotham, where he served as medical assistant to Manhattan's D.A. All of this was preparation for his work as a crime-solver, to which he applies his intelligence and education as a Freudian psychiatrist. He believes that "lies, like blunders, are psychological facts" and that "every criminal leaves psychic fingerprints, and he can't wear gloves to hide them," and Willing uses these beliefs to solve crime. Willing is tall, thin, suave, and moves with "gracefully deliberate gestures."

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