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Williams, Dan. Dan Williams was created by “Eando Binder,” the pseudonym of Earl Binder (Invisible Robinhood, Adam Link, Little People, Vincent Renolf, Anton York) and Otto Binder (Invisible Robinhood, Adam Link, Little People, Mad MoorVincent Renolf, Anton York), and appeared in the story serial “Enslaved Brains” (Wonder Stories, July-Sept 1934).

In the distant year of 1973 the world has recovered from the devastating Yellow Peril Japanese attack during the late 1930s. From the devastation of the war came Unidom, a technocratic country which includes the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Latin America. New to Unidom is Dan Williams, an American who has been in the Congo fighting Zulus [sic] since before the war with Japan. Williams is impressed with Unidom, but quickly discovers that a eugenics bureau is ruling Unidom. Worse, Williams discovers that the maintenance of Unidom is controlled by a group of Brains in a Jar, and that his sister’s brain is controlling Boston. With the help of a Bantu friend Williams leads a rebellion which eventually succeeds in overthrowing Unidom.

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